Audio Equipment


FLD-03 offers the proven competitive advantages of all-digital processing: operation versatility, instantaneous preset recall, PC control, upgrade capability, consistent high quality, easy installation / configuration.

Typical applications for the FLD-03 are small and medium radio stations, radio relay stations and advertising splitting systems.

FLD-03 comes with an user-friendly and reliable PC control software which allows easy operations and a constant monitoring of all processing and modulation parameters.

FLD-03 processing stage provides for analog stereo audio inputs (a digital input is available as an option). You can choose between two FLD-03 models, featuring two different Output types: analog stereo or composite MPX (i.e. suitable for a direct transmitter connection or a STL radio link).

FLD-03 processing is based on 3 compressors related to Bass, Mid and High audio bands. The wide range of preset curves and the sophisticated AGC stage allows all users (even unskilled) to achieve astonishing results for density, richness and colour of the sound.

The digital MPX stereo coder (built-in) makes adjustements easy. The FLD-03 performance is enhanced by the addition of the Stereo Coder which ensures the best ratio between signal density and modulation level.

Together with the automatic composite clipper (always included), FLD-03 MPX Stereo Coder ensures a modulation quality much better than that presented by external coders.

The Digital audio input (optional) supports a wide range of numerical formats with several sample rates. Thanks to its automatic recognition of the injected signal and connection type (optic or coaxial), the FLD-03 digital input doesn’t require any specific configuration.

The Digital RDS coder (optional) provides the services : PS, PI, PTY, M/S, AF, RT, DI, TP, TA. Program service Name (PS) may be broadcast in a sequential mode (up to 8 different words) and with scrolling effect. RDS programming is achieved through the Pc software which comes with the unit.

The Analog Audio Output provides bi-channel (stereo) audio output electronically balanced on XLR male. It provides the L and R processed audio signals on which it is possible to enable/disable pre-emphasis. The level is set via menu.

The FLD-03 processor comes with Windows software specifically designed for remote monitoring and control of all the processor sections (from the generation of the MPX signal to the level of AGC), as well as message editing and enabling RDS services.

Audio Equipment

General Features:
Weight ~ 4.5 Kg
Dimensions 1 rack unit, 352 x 483 x 44 mm
AC Rate 220 Vac / 110 Vac
Preset curves 30, factory programmed

Analog stereo audio input:
Conversion 24 bit
Connector Type XLR female el. balanced
Max Input Level + 20 dBu
Level Range -12 dBu ÷ 12 dBu (1 dB step)
Impedance 600 W / 10KW EMI -suppressed
AGC speed 0 to 6 dB/s (adjustable)
AGC Range ± 20dB (Sensitivity Relative)

Digital audio input (optional):
Connector Type XLR el. bal. + optical Tos link
Sampling Rates 32 KHz / 44.1 KHz / 48 KHz / 96 KHz
Configuration automatic selection and jitter correction
Input Sensitivity 200 mVpp
AGC Speed 0 to 6 dB/s (adjustable)
AGC Range 0 to -20dBFs
Input impedance 10 kW
Connector BNC floating over chassis
RDS level -24 ÷ 0 dBm for ± 2 Hz of main carrier
Input impedance 10 kW
Connector BNC floating over chassis

Stereo audio output (ST-OUT version only):
Connector Type XLR male el. balanced
Conversion 24 bit
Impedance 600 W / 10KW EMI -suppressed
Level - 10 dBm to +14 dBm (0.5 dBm Step)

Remote control:
Serial Ports 2 RS232 SubD 9P optically decoupled
Baud Rate 19200 Baud
IIR 8Th-Order-Elliptic , 15KHz / -0.1dB, 17KHz / -60dB

By-pass mode AGC Off, Gain Ofst 0 dB, Out Lvl 0 dB:
Frequency Resp. 30 Hz-15 KHz (± 0.1 dB)
Output Noise -90 dB (A-weighted)
THD 0.01%
PassBand Ripple +/- 0.1 dB

Signal process filters:
LP 400Hz IIR 2th Order-Butterworth
BP 400Hz-5Khz IIR 4th Order-Butterworth
BP 5Khz-15Khz IIR 4th Order-Butterworth
High Fr. Denoiser Threshold Adjustable –51 ÷ -80 dB

MPX output (MPX version only):
Conversion 24 bit
Pilot Frequency 19 KHz ± 2 Hz
Pilot Injection –15.5 dB to –25.0 dB (0.1 dB step)
Pilot Phase Adjustable ± 12 degrees (1 dB step)
S/N >85 dB
Stereo Separ. 55 dB Typical @ 1 KHz
Crosstalk M / S 60 dB
38 KHz Suppr Less than measurable level
MPX out level -9.0 dBm to + 15.0 dBm (0.1 dBm Step)
Output Imped. 600 W
Output Connector BNC floating over chassis, EMI supp.
Pilot ref. output TTL Level Wave
Preemphasis 50 / 75 usec

AUX input (1 and 2) (MPX version only):
Connector Type floating BNC, EMI suppressed
Input Level - 40 to 0 dBm
Impedance 10KW
Purpose SCA, RDS inputs

RDS Coder (MPX version only):
Standard EBU coding methods PI, TP, TA, M/S, RT, PSN, PTY, DI, AF (8 lists)
Custom coding methods PS Sequence (up to 8 messages), PS Scrolling (up to 32 characters)
RDS subcarrier freq. 57 kHz ± 3 Hz
RDS output level Adjustable from – 44.0 dB to – 20.0 dB (0.1dB/Step)
Synchronization To internal 19Khz pilot tone


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