FT 1000S
Solid State Transmitters


The FT 1000S transmitter is designed to operate on 87.5 - 108 MHz frequency range for FM radio broadcasting appliances with 1kW output power. The FT 1000S is composed of:
FT 20, 20 W Exciter

FA 1000, 1kW Power Amplifier.

COLD-FET™ technology. This revolutionary technology, a ITEL’s international patent, is used in the FT 1000S transmitter to optimize the MOSFET’s output matching in order to obtain broadband amplification stages without any RF component. This means:
higher RF efficiency > 83%
lower heating
higher devices safety
higher total reliability
low AC power consumption

Uninterrupted service. A true proportional foldback protection circuit keep the transmitter always on the air reducing the output power in case of:
antenna VSWR
environmental over-temperature
failure in one or more amplification modules
failure in one or more power supply modules

Frequency-agile FT 1000S transmitter is fully broadband. All RF stages, comprising the output filters, can operate on any FM channel, selectable via a integrated digital selector or remotely (optional).

On-air serviceability. Power amplifier modules can be safely removed during operation, for on-air maintenance. Failure or module removal keep always transmitter on-air.

Modular assembly. Easy removable identical and interchangeable power amplifier modules reduce spare requirement and service costs.

Automatic power control circuit maintains constant RF output with precision (±1%).

Advanced controller provides full front panel transmitter control capabilities and extensive metering of individual modules. Standard or special remote control interface is also available.

Power supply. A rugged, high-efficiency (> 93%) power supply support each PA module and can be on-air removed and replaced. Power supplies are protected from incoming AC line overvoltage, overcurrent, transient and lightning.

High redundancy. High on-air reliability is assured by using multiple power amplifier modules, each comprised of four individual PA’s, with independent power supplies and optional dual exciters.

Cooling: an oversized standard air cooling system with internal fans extends transistors life. In the standard version, air enters trough removable filters in the front panel of each PA and power supply module. Air is exhausted from the rear of cabinet or from the top (optional). A special version is also available when it is necessary to separate transmitter cooling air from building air.

Low overheating. Thanks to the high RF efficiency, due to COLD-FET technology, the heatsink overheating respect to the environmental temperature is limited at + 10°C only. This permits to operate even in overheated sites.

Low AC power consumption. The high overall efficiency means a reduction of AC power consumption and operating costs.

Low maintenance. The overall operating costs are reduced and the maintenance is optimised for three year intervals thanks to the absence of wear-out mechanism in solid state devices.

Meets or exceeds international standards for safety and electrical specifications.

FT 1000S
Solid State Transmitters
  RF Specifications:
Operating frequency range 87.5 ÷ 108 MHz
Output power 0 - 1000 W adjustable
Output connector EIA 7/8'' or DIN 7/16''
Power drain at maximum power 1470 VA typ.
Output impedance 50 W
Harmonics and spurious emissions (ref. to carrier) ≤ -80 dBc
Synchronous AM (ref. 100% mod.) < - 50 dB
Asynchronous AM (ref. 100% mod.) ≤ -55 dB
RF probe -70 dB, 50 W, BNC
Power stability < 1%
RF efficiency 83% typ.
Overall efficiency 68% typ.

A.F. Data (ref. to KE20 Exciter):

Mono operations:
Input level -10÷+12 dBm adj.
Input connectors XLR female/bal.
Input impedance 600 W
Bandwidth (± 0.25 dB) 20 Hz÷15 KHz
Pre-emphasis 50/75 µs
Deviation from pre-emph. curve ± 0.5 dB
FM S/N ratio (±75 kHz deviation at 1 kHz, 50 µs de-emph.) ≥ 80 dB
THD + N ≤ 0.1 %
19 kHz attenuation ≥ 55 dB
AM syncro residual < -64 dBc
AM asyncro residual < -68 dBc

Stereo operations (MPX input):
Input level -10÷+12 dBm
Input connector BNC, unbal.
Input impedance 10 kW
Bandwidth (± 0.2 dB) 20 Hz÷100 KHz
FM S/N ratio (±75 kHz deviation at 1 kHz, demodul., 50 µs de-emphasis) ≥ 74 dB
Stereo separation (20 Hz÷15 kHz) ≥ 60 dB
THD < 0.2%

Measures (on the Combining and Control unit front panel):
Total output forward power
Total output reflected power
Output forward power of each plug-in 1 kW module
Output reflected power of each plug-in 1 kW module
DC supply voltage of each plug-in 1 kW module
DC supply current of each plug-in 1 kW module


The internal logic circuitry provides proportional fold-back protection, without on-air interruptions, for:
air over-temperature or insufficient cooling
output combiner unbalancing
fault of RF or power supply stages

Automatic power control:
The automatic power control circuitry provides the output power regulation with a precision of 2% over the whole band.

Remote control interface:
I/O Connector DB-25

Monitored & controlled functions:
Total forward output power
Total reflected output power
DC supply voltage of each plug-in 1 kW module
DC supply current of each plug-in 1 kW module
alarms status

AC Power requirements:
Type of DC voltage regulation switch-mode
Operating Voltage 208/220/380 Vac ±10%, 50/60 Hz, three phases 110/220/240 Vac ±10% Vac 50/60 Hz, single-phase.

Operating conditions:
Cooling forced air by internal fans
Service continuous 24/24 h
Operating temperature -5°÷ +45°C
Relative humidity 95%
Max.installation altitude 3000 m a.s.l.

Weight and size:
Weight 70 kg
W x D x H (see options) 540 x 720 x 240 mm - single rack

KFS/RC Full remote control interface
Air cooling exit cabinet top side or rear (to be specified)
Air cooling parts Chemineys and hardware on request

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