FT 1500T
Tube Transmitters ( up to 60 kW )

Generals. The FT 1500 T gives up to 1.5 kW output power in continous service. It is composed of:

  • FT 20, 20 W FM Exciter;
  • FA 100, 100 W FM Amplifier;
  • FA 1500 T, 1.5 kW FM Tube Amplifier

All parts used in the amplifier are oversized to guarantee the full power 24/24 h even in hard environmental conditions.

Broadband. The frequency of the transmitter can be easily field tuned from 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz without any parts modification.

Long life tube. The transmitter uses strong and reliable triodes or grounded grid tetrodes, widely used in the broadcast field, that assure long life and low maitenance costs.

High efficiency cavities. A revolutionary cavity design without any sliding contact minimizes the losses, increases the amplifiers efficiency and cavities ruggedness as well.

Single tube. No coupled tubes for the best system reliability.

Adjustable output power. The tube's polarization allows the adjustment of output power simply varying the input one.

Electronic protections assure an affordable and stable operation protecting units against major fault conditions.

Remote control logic enable the equipment management for local or remote mode.

Full Metering. All the main parameters of the amplifier are front panel displayed by a omplete measuremet system.

Operator's safety. is protected by active and passive devices according to international standards.

Soft-start circuit control: the gradual insertion of power supply eliminate transient problems during start-up.

Meets or exceeds all international standards for safety and electrical requirements.

FT 1500T
Tube Transmitters ( up to 60 kW )

RF Specifications:
Operating frequency range 87.5 ÷ 108 MHz
Output power 0 - 1500 W adjustable
Input power 0 to 45 W
Harmonic frequency level (to carry) -68dB
Input and output impedance 50 W
Power gain at maximum power 6dB
Input connector N type (other types by request)
Output connector LC (other types by request)

A.F. Data (ref. to KE 20 Exciter):

Mono operations:
Input level -10÷+12 dBm adj.
Input connectors XLR female/bal.
Input impedance 600 W
Bandwidth (± 0.25 dB) 20 Hz÷15 KHz
Pre-emphasis 50/75 µs
Deviation from pre-emph. curve ± 0.5 dB
FM S/N ratio (±75 kHz deviation at 1 kHz, 50 µs de-emph.) > 80 dB
THD + N< 0.1 %
19 kHz attenuation > 55 dB
AM syncro residual < -64 dBc
AM asyncro residual < -68 dBc

Stereo operations (MPX input):
Input level -10÷+12 dBm
Input connector BNC, unbal.
Input impedance 10 kW
Bandwidth (± 0.2 dB) 20 Hz÷100 KHz
FM S/N ratio (±75 kHz deviation at 1 kHz, demodul., 50 µs de-emphasis) > 74 dB
Stereo separation (20 Hz÷15 kHz) > 60 dB
THD < 0.2%

Measures (on the Combining and Control unit front panel):
Total output forward power
Total output reflected power
Output forward power of each plug-in 1 kW module
Output reflected power of each plug-in 1 kW module
DC supply voltage of each plug-in 1 kW module
DC supply current of each plug-in 1 kW module

The internal logic circuitry provides proportional fold-back protection, without on-air interruptions, for:
- air over-temperature or insufficient cooling
- output combiner unbalancing
- fault of RF or power supply stages

Automatic power control:
The automatic power control circuitry provides the output power regulation with a precision of 2% over the whole band.

Remote control interface:
I/O Connector DB-25

Monitored & controlled functions:
- stand-by
- Total forward output power
- Total reflected output power
- DC supply voltage of each plug-in 1 kW module
- DC supply current of each plug-in 1 kW module
- alarms status

AC Power requirements:
Type of DC voltage regulation switch-mode
Operating Voltage 220 ± 5% Vac (240/110 Vac by request) single-phase 50/60 Hz
Max power consumation 1600 W
Max current consumption 7.5 A

Operating conditions:
Cooling forced air by internal fans
Service continuous 24/24 h
Operating temperature -5°÷ +45°C
Relative humidity 95%
Max.installation altitude 3000 m a.s.l.

Weight and size:
Weight 120 kg
W x H x D (see options) 555 x 1060 x 555 mm


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