FT 2500FS LCD M2.5
Solid State Transmitters


Generals. This 2.5 kW FM transmitter is designed to operate on 87.5 - 108 MHz frequency range for FM radio broadcasting appliances. The FT 2500FS LCD M2.5 is composed of:
FT 30 LCD, 30 W Exciter
FA 2500FS M2.5, 2.5 kW FM Compact Amplifier.

Frequency agile. Instant internal or front panel ( /C option ) frequency programmability with 10 KHz steps permit the agile frequency setting without any tuning or adjustment.

Digital stereo generator. High performances built-in digital stereo generator (/S option) with stereo separation (> 65 dB) and signal/noise ratio (> 80 dB) for a top sound quality.

Top quality sound. The FM signal is characterized by an excellent signal/noise ratio and by negligible residual AM and FM. All this guarantees the best quality of the broadcast signal.

COLD FET™ technology. This revolutionary technology, a ITEL international patent, is used in the FT 2500FS LCD M2.5 transmitter/amplifier to optimize the input matching of MOS-FET transistors in order to obtain broadband amplification stages without any RF component. This means:
high RF efficiency > 83%
lower heating
higher devices safety
higher total reliability
low AC power consumption

Uninterrupted service. A proportional fold back protection circuit reduces the output power without any on-air interruption, keeping the RF devices always within the safety conditions in case of:
load mismatching
environmental over-temperature
cooling failure
failure in one or more amplification modules
failure in power supply modules

High redundancy: the 1 kW amplifier module is composed of 4 x 300 W stages coupled with high isolation combiners and independent power supply. This architecture assures the highest module redundancy.

Broadband: no adjustments are required for the full power operation in the 87.5÷108 MHz band.

Switch-mode power supply. High efficiency (> 90 %) and oversized power supply modules grant low heating, low AC power consumption and superior reliability.

Low overheating. The high cooling system efficiency limits at only + 10°C the heatsink overheating respect to the environmental temperature. This permits the service even in overheated sites.

Low consumption. The high overall efficiency means a reduction of AC power consumption and operating costs.

Reduced maintenance. Easy accessibility of all parts, no RF failure, no power supply failure, external serviceable air filter reduce the maintenance costs.

Remote control. A remote control interface for all main parameters is available as option (/R option).



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