FY 3BB 7/16
Transmitting Antennas

General. The FY 3BB Vertical Directional Antenna series is designed for FM Broadcast Band (87,5 –108 MHz) . Each antenna is made with stainless steel (FY 3XBB models) or resistant aluminium alloy (FY 3BB models) and composed of three vertical elements and a mounting bracket.

Excellent Performance for stereo and SCA operation.

Directional. The azimuth pattern is directional narrow lobe and normally can’t be modified by the mounting structure presence. Over 30 standard patterns are available.

Antenna systems. Stacking more antennas it's possible to obtain customized patterns, increase the gain and the power handling capacity according to user requirements. Custom patterns, electrical beam tilt and null fill are available upon request.

Broadband. Suitable for channel or broadband operations with multi-channel combiners.

Easy installation. The standard mounting brackets are designed for instant installation on poles with diameters from 32 mm to 90 mm. Special brackets are available upon request.

Water, icing, moisture protection. The input connector is protected against rain and icing by a special housing. The internal balun is also protected against water, icing and moisture ingress by a sealed housing.

State of the art mechanical design, employing the finest materials (stainless steel, non-corrosive aluminium alloy, marine brass, virgin PTFE) resulting in long life service.

Lightning resistance is guaranteed by the DC ground potential of the entire antenna.

FY 3BB 7/16
Transmitting Antennas

R.F. Data:
Frequency Range 87.5 - 108.0 MHz
Bandwidth Broadband
Polarization Vertical

FY 3BB N N female
FY 3BB 7/16 DIN 7/16"
FY 3BB /8 EIA 7/8"

Max. power handling capability:
FY 3BB N 0.6 kW
FY 3BB 7/16 1.4 kW
FY 3BB LC 1.6 kW
FY 3BB 7/8 3.5 kW

Gain (at mid band, ref. to l/2 dipole) 5.2 dBd
VSWR (in the whole band) < 1.35 :1
Impedance 50 W
Frontal to back ratio > 21 dB

Wind load (ref. 150 Km/h):
Frontal 19 Kg
Lateral 34 Kg

Grounding Via clamps
Horizontal Beamwidth (at -3 dB, at mid band) 84°
Vertical Beamwidth (at -3 dB, at mid band) 62°

FY 3BB Anodized Aluminium
FY 3XBB Stainless Steel
Pole diameter 32 - 90 mm. (others on request)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 1750x50x1250 mm

Weight (with pole clamp):
P3 6.5 kg
PX3 8.5 kg


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