Microwave Radio Links


Synthesized input frequency from 48 to 1020 MHz. The local oscillator is constituted of a direct synthesis circuit with possibility of reception frequency changes using internal dip-switches. No substitution of the crystal is necessary. The input filter need to be realigned in the event of a reception frequency change. This is done using the front panel meter and a screwdriver .

Synthesized output frequency (from 830 to 1020 MHz) within the same bands of input frequency. Frequency can be easily changed using internal dip-switches .

Adjustable output power (5W) between zero and maximum value indicated on each model's specifications .

Thermostated crystals: allow a reception and transmission of higher precision and stability, also in variable temperature conditions. This means a general improvement of hop distorsions, very harmful for stereo transmissions.

IF 10.7 MHz output allows to realize easily deviations for further radio-link hops or for transmission in the 87.5 to 108 MHz band .

Demodulated BF output to monitor reception signal. Useful to check passing signal. Available with excludable 50/75 µs de-emphasis .

External adjustable squelch and excludable, which allows to fix the silence threshold at the most suitable value. Upon request, a 110/220 Vac output controlled by squelch circuit, is available .

Metering instrumention and controls are located on front panel .

Battery power supply. 12 Vdc power supply can be added, on request, to the 110/220 Vac standard one .



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