LCD Series


87.5 108 MHz



Graphic LCD Panel. Revolutionary new generation FM transmitter or exciter with graphic LCD front panel full control and measurements. Front panel instant frequency programmability, RF power settings, audio settings, deviation controls, alarms status are only the main facilities available in the graphic display.

Suitable for digital audio. FM exciter of latest generation fully compatible with digital audio. In fact the amplitude and group delay linearity extended to the sub-sonic frequencies band to avoid the low-frequencies overmodulation and phase distortion exalts the musical quality of digital audio. Even the musical quality of traditional analog audio is emphasized.

0 30 W maximum output power continuously adjustable from front panel graphic menu selector. Ideal as stand-alone transmitter or versatile exciter for power amplifiers.

87.5 108 MHz. Instant frequency programmability using the front panel graphic display menu. No tuning or adjustments required.

Stereo coder. High performances digital built-in stereo coder (/S option) with stereo separation (> 65 dB) and signal/noise ratio ( > 80 dB) for a top sound quality.

Remote control. Full remote control capability thanks to the microprocessor on the front panel control board: power output adjustment, deviation adjustment, general on/off, alarm reset, forward and reverse power measure, frequency deviation measure and alarm status are the main possibilities of remote control function.

Top quality sound. The modulated signal is characterized by an excellent signal/noise ratio and by negligible residual AM: all this for the best quality of the broadcast signal.

High frequency stability in short and long terms is assured by Digital Phase Locked Loop circuit with low drift oscillator. For more frequency stability the /HS option is available.

Deviation limiter. A CCIR standard deviation limiter limits the maximum frequency deviation meeting the international requirement in order to avoid adjacent channels invasion in case of accidental overmodulation: all this without affecting the audio modulation quality.

Electronic protections automatically protect the equipment in case of load mismatching (VSWR) or transmitting frequency error (LOCK) or overtemperature (TEMP). Every alarm event is displayed by a front panel general ALARM led and more details are available using the front panel display menu (type of alarm, date and time of the alarm, etc).

Output low pass filter. It assures a pure RF spectrum, according to the international requirements.

Power supply. High efficiency switching mode power supply gives greater reliability and reduces the power consumption. Battery operation is also available as (/VDC) option.

Meets or exceeds the international standards for safety and electrical specifications. 


LCD Series


87.5 108 MHz



Technical Characteristics

Front panel setting facilities:

frequency programmability

RF output power level

pre-emphasis on/off

stereo on/off

frequency deviation

audio threshold

Front panel graphic display monitoring facilities:

carrier frequency

RF output power level

frequency deviation

pre-emphasis status

stereo status

alarms status

RF Data:

Output power
030 W adjustable
Output impedance
50 W
Output connector
N female
Frequency range
87.5 108 MHz
Frequency setting
direct graphic LCD panel menu
Standard frequency stability
1 kHz
Harmonic attenuation
> 68 dBc
Spurious emissions
< - 80 dBc

AF Data:

Mono operation:

Input level
-10 +12 dBm adj.
Input connectors
XLR female/balanced
Input impedance
600 W
Bandwidth ( 0.25 dB)
20 Hz15 KHz
50/75 s
Deviation from pre-emph. curve
0.5 dB
FM S/N ratio (75 kHz deviation at 1 kHz, 50 s de-emph.)
> 80 dB
< 0.1 %
19 kHz attenuation
> 50 dB
AM synchro residual
< -64 dBc
AM asynchro residual
< -68 dBc

Stereo operation (MPX input):

Input level
-10 +12 dBm
Input connector
BNC, unbalanced
Input impedance
10 kW
Bandwidth ( 0.2 dB)
20 Hz 100 KHz
FM S/N ratio (75 kHz deviation at 1 kHz, demodul., 50 s de-emphasis)
> 74 dB
Stereo separation (20 Hz15 kHz)
> 60 dB
< 0.1%

SCA/RDS operation:

Standard SCA/RDS inputs
1 (other 2 with option /SCA3)
Input connector
unbalanced, BNC
Input impedance
10 kW
Input level with 10% modulation
2.2 Vpp
Bandwidth ( 0.25 dB)
40 110 kHz

Stereo Coder characteristics (option /S):

Input connectors (L&R)
XLR, balanced
Input impedance
600 W
Input levels
-10 +12 dBm
19 kHz attenuation
> 55 dB
Bandwidth ( 0.25 dB)
20 Hz 15 KHz
S/N ratio (75 kHz dev. at 1 kHz, demodul., 50 s de-emphasis)
> 80 dB
Stereo separation (20 Hz15 kHz)
> 65 dB
< 0.03%

Remote control characteristics:

It permits to remotely control the following operations:

output power adjustment

frequency deviation adjustment

protections reset

mono/stereo switch

on/off switch

direct and reflected power metering

power supply voltage of RF final stage metering

input audio levels metering (L&R)

frequency deviation metering


Internal stereo coder
frequency stability 300 Hz
3rd SCA/RDS inputs
24 VDC / battery operation
remote control

Features and specifications subject to change without notice.


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