Digital Modulators


Generals. The DVME-16 meets the most demanding requirements for Digital Television Broadcast Networks. A key factor in the DVME-16 is the very high quality of the coding and modulation processes. The modular design makes the unit highly flexible and easily adaptable to provide the exact features required in any specific application.

Applications. The DVME-16 allows the functions of channel coding and modulation for Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting. It provides to convert a compliant MPEG-2 transport stream (ASI) into a CODFM modulated signal in accordance with the rules for channel coding and modulation specified in the DVB-T Standard ETSI EN 300 744.

RF Out. The DVM-16, using a high performance very low-noise internal converter, is able to deliver a perfect CODFM spectrum in a frequency range from 30 MHz to 1 GHz in steps of just 1 Hz. Spectrum bandwith is configurable to 8 or 7 or 6(optional) MHz. Dual ASI transport stream input available.

Digital Precorrection. A powerful built-in linear and non-linear precorrector allows to optimize the perfomances of any digital transmitter maximizing at the same time the output power, so extending the transmitter coverage area. The Digital Precorrector settings are made by means of an easy to use and highly intuitive graphical user interface software.

Optional Remote Control. This optional interface allows a full remote control of the DVME-16 via Ethernet (TCP/IP protocol). The system is based on a Web server mounted inside the unit. The Web pages stored on the server are designed as a complete graphical user interface for testing and monitoring the unit.

DVB-H Modulation (optional). The DVME-16 modulator can be equipped with an option to generate a standard DVB-H modulation.


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