TAI 3000AB
Solid State Amplifiers


Generals. The TV amplifier TAI 3000AB gives 3000 Watts peak sync in continuous service. It is suitable for analog or digital TV broadcasting in the I band.

Broadband. The amplifier circuit is broadband, so it is possible to change the transmission channel without adjustments.

High efficiency switching mode power supply guarantees high reliability, low heat generation and energy consumption.

Modular assembly. The modular structure simplifies the maintenance, reduces the installation costs and spare parts investment.

High redundancy. The RF independent modules with their own separate power supply and combining system architecture assure high redundancy degree and uninterrupted service even in case of PA or power supply failure.

Electronic protection assures an affordable and stable operation protecting units against major fault conditions.

A front panel digital meter combined with LED indicators allows the user to check all the most important parameters of the equipment. The measures are visualized directly on the digital LCD display.

Meets or exceeds all international standards for safety and electrical requirements.

TAI 3000AB
Solid State Amplifiers

RF characteristics:

Input/Output frequency range:
TAI models 45-90 MHz
TAVmodels 174-230 MHz
Bandwidth Broadband

Output Power:
TAI 50AB - TAV 50AB 50 Wps (15 Wrms)
TAI 150AB - TAV 150AB 150 Wps (40 Wrms)
TAI 280AB - TAV 280AB 280 Wps (70 Wrms)
TAI 500AB - TAV 500AB 500 Wps (130 Wrms)
TAI 1000AB - TAV 1000AB 1000 Wps (250 Wrms)
TAI 1500AB - TAV 1500AB 1500 Wps (400 Wrms)
TAI 2000AB - TAV 2000AB 2000 Wps (500 Wrms)
TAI 2500AB - TAV 2500AB 2500 Wps (600 Wrms)
TAI 3000AB - TAV 3000AB 3000 Wps (0.8kWrms)
TAI 5000AB - TAV 5000AB 5000 Wps (1.2 kWrms)
TAI 10000AB - TAV 10000AB 10000 Wps (2.4kWrms)
TAI 20000AB - TAV 20000AB 20000 Wps (4.8kWrms)

Input Power 5 Wps for all models
Input/Output impedance 50 W
Input Connector N

Output Connector:
From 50 to 500 Wps output power N (otherson request)
From 1000 to 1500 Wps output power DIN 7/16'' (otherson request)
From 2000 to 3000 Wps output power EIA 7/8'' (otherson request)
For 5000 Wps output power EIA 1+5/8'' (otherson request)
From 10000 to 20000 output power EIA 3+1/8'' ( otherson request)

Spuriousandharmonicsuppression (ref.to carrier) < - 60 dBc (-62 dBctyp.)
Powerstability < 1%
Intermodulation (IMD-DIN 45004 -8, -16, -10 dB) < -58 dB (typ. - 60 dBc)

Forward and reflected power, DC voltages and currents, Inlet and heatsink air temperatures

VSWR, over temperature, vision signal missing, cooling system failure, overdriving

Operating conditions:
Operating voltage 110/220/240 Vac ±10%, 50/60 Hz single phase

Power Consumption (at maximum power):
TAI 50AB -TAV 50AB 140 VA
TAI 150AB - TAV 150AB 370 VA
TAI 280AB - TAV 280AB 670 VA
TAI 500AB - TAV 500AB 1.2 kVA
TAI 1000AB - TAV 1000AB 2.4 kVA
TAI 1500AB - TAV 1500AB 3.6 kVA
TAI 2000AB - TAV 2000AB 4.7 kVA
TAI 2500AB - TAV 2500AB 5.8 kVA
TAI 3000AB - TAV 3000AB 7 kVA
TAI 5000AB - TAV 5000AB 11.8 kVA
TAI 10000AB - TAV 10000AB 23 kVA
TAI 20000AB - TAV 20000AB 45 kVA

Cooling forced air with fans
Operating temperature -5° ÷ +45° C
Humidity 95% max


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