IF/Channel TV converter

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  • General. The TIX converter translates the standard IF signal frequency to the TV III, IV/V band desired channel. The RF power output is 1 W for the version TIX 1 , 2 W for version TIX 2, and 5 W for TIX 5.
  • Synthetized. The local oscillator frequency is producted by Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) and stabilized by PLL, which allows easy selection of the desire output channel. The PLL reference frequency is a temperature compensated quartz oscillator.
  • High stability of RF output signal level. Precision AGC circuits enables it have a small variation of the RF output signal.
  • Broadband. The output amplifiers are broaband and in the case of changing output channel, additional tuning is not necessary.
  • Modular construction. For easy maintenance all circuits are built up in sin cassettes which can be exchanged and interconnected without retuning. The active modules are broadband, the passive modules provide for selection.
  • Controls and switches to operate on converter are arranged, in clear manner on the front pannel .
  • Solar cells power supply. The set can be supplied by AC power mains and a solar cells/battery at the same time by means of a low consuption regultor circuit that automatically switches on.
IF/Channel TV converter


Electrical characteristics
Input signal IF standard
Input signal level . 0 dBm 3 dB
Input impedance 50 W
Input connector BNC
Input return loss > 18 dB
Output signal variation (AVin = 3 dB) 0.3 dB
Frequency range 174230 MHz (band III), 470-860 MHz ( band IV/V)
output impedance 50 W
Output connector N
0utput power ( sync. peak power) :
1 W (TIX 1)
2 W (TIX 2)
5 W (TIX 5)
Intermodulation distorsion ( vision c. -8 dB, sound c. - 10 dB,
 sideband c. -16 dB ) <= 54 dB

Operating enviroment
mains power supply 220/110 V  10 50/60 Hz
Battery power supply 24 V 3V
Temperature range 0 - 40 C
Relative humidity 95%

Mechanical characteristics
Weight 8.8 Kg
width 483 mm
height 90 mm
Depth 410 mm

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