IF/Channels Converters

General. The TIX V5 TV up-converter is used to transpose the television standard IF signal to an RF channel in the III frequency band. The output power is 5 W p.s..

Digital compatible. The TIX converters are fully compatible with analog or digital TV signals.

Synthesized. The output RF channel can be easily set by an agile dip-switch selector.

Broadband. To change the output channel it’s simply necessary to retune the channel filter. All the other parts are broadband and don't need any retuning.

Precision AGC circuits guarantee high stability of RF output signal level.

Linearity built-in precorrector circuit optimizes the class amplifiers parameters.

Stereo/dual sound compatible. The RF bandwidth of the TIX permits mono, stereo or dual sound operations.

Offset configuration is available on request with precision up to 1 Hz.

Modular construction. For easy maintenance all circuits are built up in easily interchangeable plug-in modules.

Solar cells/battery power supply. Vdc power supply option is available for battery or solar cells operations.

Fully compatible with all international television standards.

Meets or exceed all FCC and CCIR requirements.

IF/Channels Converters

Up converters RF and electrical characteristics:

Output frequency range:
type IFCI 45÷90 MHz
type IFCV 170÷230 MHz
type IFCU 470÷860 MHz
Output impedance 50 W

Output connector N
Output return loss > 26 dB
Output frequency response (Fv - 0.75 MHz / Fs + 0.25 MHz) < ± 0.5 dB
Frequency stability 1 ppm
Output power variation versus input (signal variation 0.1÷10mV) < 0.3 dB

Output power:
type IFC/01 10 mW peak sync
type IFC/5 5 W peak sync
type IFC/10 10 W peak sync
type IFC/20 20 W peak sync

Differential gain < 3 %
Differential phase < 3 °
Luminance non linearity < 1.5 dB
Envelope delay response < ± 50 ns
In-band intermodulation distortion (DIN4500 4 three tone -8, -16, -10dB) < -58 dBc
Out-band intermodulation distortion (DIN4500 4 three tone -8, -16, -10dB) < -60 dBc
Spurious emission < -60 dBc
Signal to noise ratio > 65 dB

Power requirements:
Operating voltage 115/230 Vac, 47 to 62 Hz, ± 15% single phase

Power Consumption:
type IFC/01 25 VA
type IFC/5 40 VA
type IFC/10 62 VA
type IFC/20 74 VA

Other characteristics:
Operating temperarture range -10° ÷ +45° C
Storage temperature -30° ÷ +70° C
Relative humidity max. 95%
Width 483 mm (19")
Height 132 mm (3U)
Depth 360 mm
Weight 14 Kg


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