Microwave Links


Generals. The TML2/25/70 is a 2 GHz complete microwave link that can carry simultaneously 1 video and up to 4 high-quality 15 kHz analog audio programs. The audio channels are fully compatible with the ITEL digital audio codecs TD/16 and RD/16 (2-channels). It is composed of:

- TMM IF: 70 MHz IF Modulator;

- TMT 2/25/70: Microwave Transmitter with 25 W output power in the 1.3 - 2.7 GHz frequency range;

- TMR 2/70: Microwave Receiver;

- TMD IF: 70 MHz IF Demodulator.

Features. Some TML2/25/70 microwave link characteristics are:
-the A/V intermodulation almost canceled;
-the capacity to accept simultaneously 1 video, up to 8 digital audio programs, and up to 4 x 4800 bps data channels;
- the easy RF frequency setting with a 125 kHz steps digital PLL. No tuning is required within 100 MHz range.

Metering. A front panel digital multimeter and alarms permit to check audio and video levels, RF received signal level, PLL lock and squelch status. The equipment meets or exceeds the international standards for safety and electrical specifications.



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