Portable Microwave Links


Generals. The TMLP4/14G microwave link is designed to satisfy the most TV demanding requirements at an effective cost. The TV link is composed by the transmitter (TMT), the receiver (TMR) and parabolic antennas (PAR 06 14G standard model). The output power of the TMT transmitter is 4 W in the 12.8– 14.9 GHz frequency range

Performances. With the TMLP4/14G TV link, the following performances are guaranteed:
- A/V intermodulation is almost canceled;
- RF frequency channels are easy to change with a 125 kHz steps digital PLL. No tuning is required within 100 MHz range;
- All circuits are fitted into boxes suitable to be mounted at the rear of parabolic antennas with direct connection to the microwave feeder.

Digital audio compatibility. The audio channels are fully compatible with the ITEL digital audio coders TD/16 and decoders RD/16.

Instant installation. ITEL parabolic antennas enable the direct connection to the microwave feeder without wave-guide losses.

Full monitoring. A front panel digital multimeter and alarms permit to check audio and video levels, RF signal level, PLL lock and squelch status.

Meets or exceeds all the international standards for safety and electrical specifications.


Portable Microwave Links


Transmitting Output Power:
TMLP 02 models 0.15 W
TMLP 1 models 1 W
TMLP 2 models 2 W
TMLP 4 models 4 W
TMLP 5 models 5 W
TMLP 8 models 8 W

Frequency Range:
TMLP/2G models 1.3 – 2.7 GHz
TMLP/8G models 5.4 – 9.9 GHz
TMLP/10G models 10.0 – 12.7 GHz
TMLP/14G models 12.8 – 15.0 GHz
TMLP/24G models 22.5 – 24.5 GHz

Transmitter Characteristics:
Modulation CCIR 405/1
Frequency deviation ± 20 MHz pp
RF Output connector N female
Video input level 1 Vpp (75 ohm unbal.)
Video input connector BNC
Video pre-emphasis (bypassable) C.C.I.R. 625 lines
Audio input level From –3 to +12 dBm (600 ohm bal/unbal.)
Audio input connector XLR female
Audio pre-emphasis (bypassable) 50/75 us
Audio subcarrier frequencies 7500, 8065 MHz
Power supply 110/220 Vac ±15%, 50/60 Hz or ±24 Vdc

Receiver Characteristics:
RF Input range From –90 to –15 dBm (50 ohm)
RF Input connector N female
Video de-emphasis (bypassable) C.C.I.R. 625 lines
Video output level 1 Vpp (75 ohm unbal.)
Video output connector BNC
Audio output level From –3 to +12 dBm (600 ohm bal/unbal.)
Audio output connector XLR female
Audio de-emphasis (bypassable) 50/75 us
Power supply 110/220 Vac ±15%, 50/60 Hz or ±24 Vdc

Transmitter/Receiver general data:
Outdoor operating temperature range -20 ÷ +50 °C
Outdoor operating humidity range ≤ 95 %
TX & RX Dimensions (WxLxH) 305x400x140 mm


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