I-III-IV-V band modular TV transposers

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  • General description. The TZU series TV repeaters are double conversion type Received signals incoming from the antenna input terminal are first down converted to he standard IF frequency, then to the output channel Any band I-III-IV-V channel can be selected for the input or output, RF power o puts available are 1 W for TZU-1, 2 W for TZU-2 and 5 W for TZU-5 models.
  • Modular construction. A series of plug-in interchangable modules are mounted in a 3 unit standard rack space cabinet.
  • This design mode allows for quick channel selection and simple maintenance.
  • Synthesized channel selection. The two local oscillator modules are PLL with internal dip-switches for frequency adjustment.
  • Broadband. All amplifier at the input and output stages are broadband requiring adjustment in case of channel changing. Only the band-pass filter modules require rerunning or substitution in case of band change.
  • Multistandard. The TZU series repeaters are fully compatible with different SAW filters and group delay time correctors for all International Television Standards.
  • High frequency stability. The PLL reference quartz is a precision temperature compensated type unit that guarantees absolute accuracy.
  • Wide range AGC. Very broad variation of the incoming received signal strength are compensated by a wide dynamic range Automatic Gain Control circuit. A precision IF signal detector in the AGC delivers a high stability RF output signal
  • Operation. Controls and switches to operate the transposer are arranged in clear manner on the front panel of the unit.
  • Solar cells power supply. The set can be supplied by AC power mains and a solar cells/battery at the same time by means of a low consuption regultor cuit that automatically switches on.
I-III-IV-V band modular TV transposers


RF data
Reception-transmission frequency all channels in Band I,III,IV and V
Input impedance 50 W
Input return loss > 20 dB
In-out frequency level response (Fv- 0.75 MHz/Fs + 0.25 MHz)  0.5 dB
Input connector N
Input signal level 250 mV  20 mV (aut.) / 500 mV  20 mV (man.)
AGC dynamic range >= 38 dB
Noise figure < = 8 KTo
output connector N
Output power level variation versus input voltage range 0.25  20 mV < 1 dB
Output power (sync. peack):
TZU-1 1 w
TZU-2 2 W
TZU-5 5 W
Intermodulation distorsion ( tree test tone: - 8 dB, - 10 dB, - 16 dB ) <= 56 dB

Operating enviroment
Mains power supply 220/110 V 10%, 47/63 Hz
Absorption (TZU-5) 73 VA
Absorption without input signal (TZU-5) 24 VA
Temperature range -5  45 C
Relative humidity 95%

Mechanical characteristics
Width 483 mm
Heigth 132 mm
Depth 360 mm
Weight 15.8 Kg

Battery power supply 10-46 VDC
TZU-1 24 W
TZU-2 35 W
TZU-5 54 W

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